Atlantic Seaboard



Our readers are mainly ‘A’ income bracket consumers living and visiting the affluent suburbs along the Atlantic Seaboard of the Western Cape and have largely set the look and feel of the magazine – upmarket, exclusive, classy.

These consumers comprise an inclusively diverse segment of our population. According to statistics based on the latest national census in 2011, they include both male and female consumers aged 25–35; baby boomers, 50-plussers; and economically active senior citizens as well as retirees with abundant disposable income, generally defined as people with a yuppie lifestyle.

Since the buying decisions of our readers are primarily based on quality of products and service; convenience of service delivery; and exclusive and bespoke products, our targeted clients [advertisers] are those businesses that meet these requirements in terms of their products on offer and their services rendered to consumers. Our advertisers are mainly the high-end retailers and/or bespoke service providers selling services and products that appeal to ‘A’ income bracket consumers. Therefore, advertising is not limited to local and/or regional businesses; most of our clients operate nationally and many of their head offices and/or marketing departments are in other provinces.

The total readership of the magazine is about above 100 000 individuals (this includes visitors to the website as well as readers of the hard copy) in the three-month period between each publication.

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