Atlantic Seaboard


About Atlantic Seaboard Views

Mission Statement

Atlantic Seaboard Views is the voice binding a variety of sub-cultures along the Atlantic Seaboard into one society. It is intended to create a platform for, and showcase, new and upcoming talent in our geographical society and to covering every aspect of living life to the fullest.


Atlantic Seaboard Views aims to:

  • Create a platform for young talent – we only feature `non-professional’ models in our Fashion Section to give people an opportunity to experience the buzz of a fashion shoot – and hopefully they’ll be noticed by talent scouts and be given the chance to enter the modelling industry.
  • Promote local businesses by showcasing the clothes of local boutiques in our fashion shoots.
  • Offer advertising space at the most affordable rates in the comparative South African printed media industry.
  • Contribute to promoting small businesspeople by featuring a local entrepreneur in every single issue. We strongly believe that to build our economy and highlight the amazing opportunities the beautiful Mother City has to offer, we need to spread the word about the courage, dedication and tenacity these entrepreneurs display.
  • Promote the various charity organisations that are doing amazing work in our community by featuring a charity of choice in each issue. We offer them a two-page editorial spread as well as a full-page advertisement (free of charge). This is not only our way of giving back, but also our attempt to acknowledge these unsung heroes for what they so selflessly do.


  • We pride ourselves on our work ethic, integrity and trustworthiness and are committed to a strong ethos of fairness, equality and commitment to development. We focus on the development of our brand; our business relationships with our clients; and our bond with the community within which we operate.
  • We always strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, consideration and compassion towards everyone we interact with.
  • With a Level 1 BBBEE status (100% Black ownership), we are serious about the development of the local economy and as such make sure that all our business partners and/or associates are 100% South African owned and managed.
  • We are committed to the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of our country.